Experience Walcheren in one of the 10 Dune lodges at the sunniest location of the Netherlands.

Directly located on the beautiful beach of the province of Zeeland.
With a rare view of always facing south.

Where the dyke and the dune hill meet

On the south coast of the Dutch island of Walcheren, where the dyke of Zoutelande and the dunes meet each other, we’re building dune hotel ‘Tien Torens’.

The Island

Dune hotel ‘Tien Torens’ is situated on the lushes’ isle of Walcheren, in the village of Zoutelande. The village is well known for, on average, having the most hours of sun in the Netherlands. The coast of Zoutelande is known for her beauty and has received, several times, awards for her beaches. Besides that, the island of Walcheren has for decades been a popular destination for tourists.

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Dune hotel Tien Torens